Deposit SWAP TOKEN, farm BNB. Ask for APY and airdrop in our discord chat

We sell “MCW” plugin and 10% of that earnings distributing across SWAP holders using this form. To start earning you need a Binance chain wallet (we use BSC because of low commissions) BNB cryptocurrency (on mining fee). Where to get SWAP token:{bnb}swap

Ru: На этой странице находится так называемая “Ферма”, где вы “сажаете” свои SWAP токены, собираете урожай в виде BNB, который можно продать на на карту. Сами SWAP никуда не деваются.

  1. click “unlock wallet”
  2. click “approve”, confirm transaction in metamask
  3. wait for “approve” transaction to mine. Refresh the page
  4. click deposit SWAP
  5. wait until you farm some reward’s tokens (the distribution starts immideatelly )
  6. click harvest
  7. you will recieve BNB (want another? )
  8. Please subscribe to the news using this list

SWAP token price: ...